Monday, September 28, 2009

The Digital Realm

"Let's Do This!"
"Let's Do This!" is the beginning of digitally coloring some of my drawings. Digital coloring has been something I have avoided for quite some time for no other reason than I just didn't understand the possibilities. It has taken a little bit of practice and learning all new tricks with Photoshop, but it has been a great "learn by doing" experience. I'm looking forward to doing some more of this in the future. If you're interesting in having your own print of "Let's Do This", check out my Etsy page. (

In other news, I am anticipating the release of a new movie about science fiction writing called Gentleman Broncos. Although it is a comedy, I think they may get more to the heart of writing science fiction than a documentary. As a part of their marketing for the film's October release, they have put together a fun and amazing animation to accompany the movie's literary subject matter. Have a look and enjoy.

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  1. Love the digital coloring, especially the awesome background idea! Very cool.