Monday, September 7, 2009

Introduction and Show Announcement

Hi There!
I just started this new Blog to talk about my artwork and promote myself and others struggling in the art world. If you catch this in time, I'm having a show this Friday at Periscope Cellars.
I hope to see you there and i hope to see you in later posts.

“It Was All In My Head”
New Works by J.B. Lowe
September 11 - 30
Opening Reception:
Friday, September 11th 6-9pm

(click to view larger)


  1. I have an old picture of a beautiful half naked lady with your name signed below, are you the one who did it? I bought it from a second hand shop and I like it very much but it needs to be restored.

    1. I'm sorry that I never read this. Getting in touch with my network shows me how lazy I've been. I don't know if I made it. Do you have a pic?